Oregrown Extracts are available in the following strains: Oregon Diesel, Alien Rift, Raspberry x Huckleberry, Cookies, Thai/Afghani, and Blueberry. 


Willamette Valley Alchemy

      Willamette Valley Alchemy specializes in hydrocarbon-based cannabis extractions using custom solvent blends creating truly unique extracts. Extracts are potent, ranging from 65-95% cannabinoids and are best vaporized. Our highly-skilled, botanical extraction team focuses on terpene preservation, stability, and cleanliness making our extracts the choice option for any craft-cannabis connoisseur. From Live-Resin to Shatter, our extracts are made with the highest-grade cannabis sourced locally and grown in and around the world renowned Willamette Valley. Our laboratory is fitted with domestically made, top-of-the-line equipment ensuring the product’s highest quality from start to finish. Treat yourself and look for Willamette Valley Alchemy extracts in a dispensary near you!


Siskiyou Sungrown

     Siskiyou Sungrown farms and processes with strict adherence to the highest standards of purity.  Our cannabis is grown under the sun, in the earth, in native soil, using only OMRI and ODA approved products.  Our integrated pest management includes companion plantings, predatory insects, and nontoxic biological controls.  We extract resin using only certified organic cane alcohol, and this is the same alcohol that we use producing our tincture.  Siskiyou Sungrown continually strives to develop the healthiest and most sustainable cultivation and processing methods possible, for the health of the patient and the planet. Our CBD-rich and THC-rich products include decarboxylated oil, tincture, and flower.


High Desert Pure 

       Notably, one of the coolest features High Desert has is their adjustable air flow dial located right under the mouth piece.  At its widest setting, the "hit" is more like a dab hit and it will most likely make you cough like a dab hit!  And at it's lowest setting it's more like a light vape hit.  So depending on the experience you are looking for, you can adjust that air flow dial for that. 



       Their single strain CO2 oils are small batch crafted, 100% natural, full spectrum extracts using food-grade liquid CO2. By de-waxing their oils, a process otherwise known as "winterization", Avitas aims to ensure the healthiest oils and a clean vaporizing experience. They utilize a full spectrum technique that captures all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes to pull out each strains uniquie characteristics.


Truly Pure


       Truly pure uses a Water Bio-Botanical Extraction System which is a multi-vessel super critical fluid extraction system.  They then enhance the oil with natural steam distilled terpenes of lemons, limes, tangerines and grapefruits.




Dab Society Extracts

      Providing Oregon with un-compromised quality and consistency, Dab Society is sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated dab smokers. 


Chronic Creations

         From their full cannabis extract that is triple-mineral filtered, to their cryogenic freezing process used in their hash concentrates, they are committed to producing quality products driven by pure passion and love for this flower of life. They selectively hand trim all their flowers and sift out any lower quality buds, so that they are able to create a nug & sugar leaf blend for all their concentrates and extracts. 



      Affordable. Reliable. Enjoyable. Hush extracts has got you covered!



Alpine Extracts

         Alpine Extracts BHO provides a stable product and a smooth smoke.  This company works in small batches to maintain the products integrity from start to finish.