Cannananda is the joint effort between two Oregon-based, Kundalini-trained brothers to ethically grow and extract cannabis of exceptional quality and medicinal properties. Eschewing harmful farming practices prevalent in this industry, Kevin and Jim Fisher infuse every step of the process with loving commitment to the land and consumer. This results in a diversity of cannabis products for unique purposes, carefully crafted to inspire, expand, enlighten and uplift on journeys to healing and wellness. 


We grow every plant ourselves, with integrity. We’ve discovered what strains grow well in our specific environment, and nurture them accordingly. In this sense, our products have a sense of place, an ethos of where they came from and how they were maintained.

What we do is more than a business—it is an art form and act of service. Whether you meet our products as a connoisseur of cannabis, an occasional user, a curious first-timer, or simply seeking solutions to physical or mental struggles, we have thought about your needs and created our products with them close at heart.


C02 Cartridges

While our lab resembles our farm little in appearances, it matches it entirely in spirit. We took the same commitment to integrity practiced on the land toward our hand-crafted Cannabis, and applied it to our in-house extraction lab. Our FIYRR Supercritical CO2 extractor allows maximum control, yielding ultra-clean extractions that are better for the user.



Scissortail Farms


This farm is an absolute shop favorite! Big nugs and a bold terpene profile! Scissortail never fails to impress! Click the logo above to check out more of what their farm is up to these days... 



Siskiyou Sungrown plants are sustainably grown in our outdoor farm, enlivened by the fresh mountain air and rich virgin soil of the Williams Valley. We breed and select for vitality, potency, flavor, and local adaptability. Siskiyou Sungrown offers several varieties of connoisseur grade, hand trimmed cannabis flowers.


Liontree Farms 


Liontree Farms is a Clean Green Certified, estate grown cannabis crafted in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.


High Noon Cultivation Co.


High Noon uses a cultivation method known as Veganic Farming.  The difference comes down to what they feed their soil.  Growing buds veganically will often produce a sweet, smooth, and often fruiter flavor than most other growing methods. 



High Latitude Farms


High Latitude grows craft cannabis, maximizing the genetic potential, with quality as the focus and sustainability as the guide.

Something to note that sets High Latitude apart is the water source for their grow.  Not only does their water feed their plants & help heat and cool their rooms, it’s also home to growing fish at their hatchery, established in 1920. 


Phoenix Rising Farm

A Clean Green Certified* farm, with almost 30 years combined experience in cannabis farming, with focus on growing quality, high-grade flower and connoisseur strains, using sustainable practices and responsible agriculture (little impact, small carbon footprint).

They DO NOT use liquid nutrients -- only compost -- in the form of live home-brewed compost teas from raw, natural materials, sourced directly from our land or local farms.


On the farm in Boring, Oregon, Bull Run helps support land conservation and sustainability with growing methods that have a restorative effect on the earth and the environment. Bull Run Craft Cannabis strives to produce the finest product delivering a premium experience to their customers.