"How to Have a Conscious Relationship with Cannabis" Take-Aways

Entheo Nation recently posted an article on how we can have a conscious relationship with the plant we have become so acquainted with.  Here are some of our take-aways from that article:

1. Buy Organic (Clean Green Certified) Cannabis, when and where you can.

            "When sourcing your weed, look for growers that use organic fertilizers and pesticides, like predatory bugs and bacteria and fungi, to avoid toxic residues on the cannabis. Smaller, organic grow operations are better for the environment and usually produce a better product."

2. Create a Sacred Space

           "Consider creating a positive and even sacred setting for your marijuana consumption. While many of us are used to consuming weed at loud parties or in other chaotic social settings, it’s worth experimenting with bringing more intention to the setting in which you consume cannabis. By creating a peaceful, pleasing environment, you are more likely to obtain greater benefit, and possibly even spiritual insight from weed. If you are doing it socially, consider sharing it with individuals with whom you share a good connection, as cannabis can sometimes increase feelings of anxiety if you don’t feel fully comfortable with the people you are with."

3. Cannabis on Solo Nature Walks

            "Cannabis is considered to be a teacher plant in many cultures because it has the ability to connect your consciousness with Nature, and can be used shamanically as a “bridge” to communicate with other plants."

4. Make Cannabis Consumption a Part of Your Self-Care Ritual

           "One of the most wonderful delights in the world is yoga, on cannabis. The sadhus were onto that thousands of years ago, and in states where recreational marijuana and medical marijuana is legal, yoga on weed studio classes are cropping up."

Author, Jennifer Sisoian

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