Modern Medicinals 

       Pure CBD oil derived from cannabis, not hemp!  It has <.3% THC, nearly undetectable.  No alcohol and no psychoactive effects!  Extracted with coconut oil, Modern Medicinals is perfect for day and night!


TJ's Gardens Tinctures

          TJ's Gardens offers pure CBD, 1:1 CBD, and THC tinctures using just two simple  and effective ingredients: 

             Premium Cannabis

             Organic Coconut Oil 


Sacred Herb Medicinals

           Long time cannabis infused topical producer, started as an OMMP company, now OLCC licensed, Sacred Herb provides top quality products which include, Bath Salts, Massage Oil, Lotion, and a balm stick.


Physic Balm

          Brought to you by the same makers of Lief + Goods Chocolates, this balm is divine! 

477 mg THC  158 mg CBD





Siskiyou Sungrown

          Siskiyou Sungrown tinctures are a convenient way to orally ingest cannabis oil.  Tinctures are a familiar form of traditional herbal medicine, and they offer the benefits of more rapid absorption and more accurate dosing. SS produces tincture by re-dissolving decarboxylated oil into certified organic cane alcohol. We offer CBD-rich, THC-rich, and 1:1 CBD/THC tinctures.